Photo Contest

Dear Participants,
       We are happy to announce that there will be a “Photo&Story Contest” within VI. Ecology
and Evolutionary Biology Symposium. Please find the criteria’s and other useful information
has given below.

1- The biggest challenge/achievement: This category includes the biggest challenge or
the biggest achievement of the researchers and students in their careers.
2- Ecology: This category includes any aspects related to ecological issues. Images can
be either micro or macro scale.
3- Evolution: This category includes any aspects related to evolutionary issues. Images
can be either micro or macro scale.

 Maximum 3 entries per person and 1 entry per category,
 Each entry of the photograph and pdf file must be labeled with the
photographer’s name, date, a descriptive name of the photo&story.
 Photographs that taken any date will be accepted.
 There isn’t a limitation about the camera that used to take the image.
 All photographs must be sent as jpeg, tiff or png formats, minimum 300 dpi and
at least 1500 pixel wide, maximum 5 mb.
 Stories should be sent as pdf file.
 Stories shouldn’t exceed 250 words and must be written in English.
 Entries must be submitted no later than 30 June 2019 22:00 

 Ownership and copyright of submitted photos remains with the photographer

Selection/Notification of Winners
The entries will be judged by the organizing and scientific committee. Winners from each
category will receive an award. Winners and the awards will be announced during the
symposium. If the winner is not an attendee during the symposium the second or following
winners will be announced instead.